Nowadays information
systems are present literally at every step. We use information systems at
shops, bus stations, cinemas ... not to mention various information systems
accessible via the Internet. Behind a more or less friendly user interfaces there
are complex information systems that collect, process, store and distribute
data. Information systems play a key role also in enterprises. Not only that
enterprises use information technologies to support their existing business
processes, but more importantly the introduction of information technologies
allows for significant improvements of these business processes and even introduction
of a completely new business models that result in a significant competitive
advantage for such enterprises.

All these
topics are covered in the course Information systems. The course will introduce
the key types of business information (e.g. ERP, SCM, CRM,…), the information
technologies supporting the operation of information systems, association of
modern information systems to business processes, importance of business
information architecture, etc. The course will also present examples of enterprises
(eg. Amazon, Citibank, ...) that achieved significant competitive advantage by introducing
new information systems and technologies. Labs will teach you the basic implementation
concepts of the information systems using modern development environments. The
course Information Systems provides a fundamental knowledge for understanding
modern information systems and for successful professional work in the field of
business informatics.