development of modern information systems is a complex process that must consider
not only the complex technological challenges, but also a variety of
organizational factors, which often fatally impact the success of the development
projects. Rapid changes in information technology and business environment
additionally increases the complexity of the development process. Development
teams must be prepared to continuously integrate changes and new requirements.
Furthermore, they must be able to cooperate in large project teams involving
several different organizations. Participation and/or management of such teams
requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Even an excellent programmer is unable
to properly cooperate in a project team, if he doesn’t understand the meaning
and content of requirements and design documentation. Moreover, he also needs
to understand his role in the context of other development procedures such as requirements
acquisition, testing, etc.

The course
Development of information systems will introduce the key techniques and
approaches used in the development of information systems. It will present the key
procedures and phases of object, structural and agile development methodologies
of information systems. In the context of analysis and design we will focus on
UML and other diagramming techniques that are commonly used in the development
processes. The course will provide an overview and understanding of the
technical processes of development, such as: requirements capture, analysis and
design, implementation, testing and deployment. Furthermore, it will provide an
insight into the key support processes in particular iterative management of information
systems development projects. Labs will enable you to apply the knowledge
acquired in this course on a practical project. In this course you will gain key
knowledge for understanding the development process of modern information
systems. This knowledge will help you to successfully participate in and lead
development teams as a part of your professional work.