3D modeling

  1. polygon meshes, multiresolution meshes, simplification, optimization
  2. parametric surfaces, mesh conversion
  3. implicit surfaces, solids
  4. point based representations, mesh reconstruction




  1. foundations of radio- and photometry, lighting, reflection
  2. advanced lighting models, BRDF, subsurface scattering
  3. global illumination: rendering equation, models for solutions
  4. Monte Carlo path tracing, Metropolis light transport, irradiance caching, photon mapping
  5. non-photorealistic rendering
  6. image-based rendering




  1. interpolation, kinematics
  2. motion capture: editing, retargeting, search, segmentation and classification
  3. dynamics: particle and mass-spring systems, animation of fluids, rigid bodies, deformable models
  4. crowd simulation
  5. facial animation



Scientific Visualization

  1. contour and isosurface rendering
  2. ray casting for volumetric rendering
  3. model-space rendering
  4. visualization of vector fields, liquids, texture advection




Laboratory projects, where students implement their own solutions for visualization and animation of 3D models.