statement "Let’s buy a four-core processor to carry out the work four
times faster" is ridiculous and misleading. This is common knowledge toanyone
who understands how to build parallel systems, integrate cores, processors, and
computers in a working system and program a system in such a way that the
programs perform in a more efficient way. To make you one of them, during this
course we will familiarize you with multi-threaded programming, the programming
of general purpose graphics processing units with the Open CL library, with MPI
standard for programming distributed system, with grid computing, and cloud

assignments for the course are required and are being assessed. Every week
students get a short assignment from the material presented during lectures. To
get a positive grade from the homework assignments you need to successfully
complete at least 80% of short assignments. Short assignments represent
one-third of the final grade. Second-third is obtained from parallelization of
more comprehensive algorithm on two different parallel platforms. The last
third of the grade is obtained on the oral exam.