Weekly outline

  • Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing (Winter 2015)

    Mobile computing devices such as smartphones revolutionised the way in which we nowadays communicate and find information. In addition, these devices equipped with sensors that enable the inference of the surrounding context, including the position, activity, and the environment of the user. The aim of this course is to introduce students to mobile communication and sensing systems based on the above devices. The emphasis is on developing deeper understanding of the functioning of mobile wireless networks, mobile sensing, pervasive computing and applications of mobile systems. The course examines these systems both from a technical perspective, as well as in terms of interdisciplinary applications, thus touches upon machine learning, computer network analysis, and healthcare. Students are introduced to development tools and techniques for building mobile systems and their understanding is reinforced through practical work in the Android OS.

  • 5 October - 11 October

    Introduction, Evolution of mobile computing systems, Affordances of mobile systems (ubiquitous connectivity, personalisation, context-awareness), Constraints of the mobile platform (wireless quality, battery limitations, UI limitations, sensing accuracy). Android platform basics, Dalvik virtual machine.
    • 12 October - 18 October

      • 19 October - 25 October

        • 26 October - 1 November

          • 2 November - 8 November

            • 9 November - 15 November

              • 16 November - 22 November

                • 23 November - 29 November

                  Midsemester presentations! Each team will give a ten minute presentation of their project, followed by a five minute slot for questions. Please refer to the guidelines for the midterm presentation in order to prepare for your talk.

                  NOTE: Each team member has to attend and present on Thursday!

                  • 30 November - 6 December

                    • 7 December - 13 December

                      • 14 December - 20 December

                        • 21 December - 27 December

                          No labs or lectures this week!
                          • 28 December - 3 January

                            No labs and lectures this week - Happy Holidays!

                            • 4 January - 10 January

                              • 11 January - 17 January

                                • 18 January - 24 January

                                  Final project presentations on Thursday 21.1.2016.
                                  Consultation lab on Monday 18.1.2016.