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  • Algorithms (in English)

    Welcome to the advanced algorithms course! The topics covered in the course include computational complexity, advanced data structures, metaheuristics, and parallel and distributed algorithms. This course is held in English language and is oriented towards a practical course project. You will need to know the basic algorithms and data structures, and be ready to learn a lot on the state of the art in the topic!

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    • Computational Geometry

      • Bounded universe

        • NP and P

          • Randomized Algorithms

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                During the course we will also get more familiar with current state of the art in the area of algorithms and data structures. For this reason we will revise in the first step a number of conferences and then in the second step write your own essay based on one of the conference papers. It is necessary to point out that in Computer Science conferences play different role than in other disciplines. They are meant to quickly distribute new results and at the same time they are rigorously reviewed. This is very much different from other engineering and scientific disciplines, where conferences are predominantly refereed and the real scientifically valuable results can be found in journals.

                In the wiki below you will find a number of conferences and each student shall choose one, look in the Internet for the web page of its last edition, and prepare report on it. The report shall be inserted as a sub-page in wiki. Of course, would you like to review a conference not on the list, please, come forward and we will discuss your option. This concludes the first step.

                In the second step you will choose a paper from the conference you did not review and work on it. You should prepare an up to 10 pages long essay on the topic the paper you choose is about. Your essay is basically a summary of the paper and expanded with possible experimental evaluation of the result or some other papers on the topic usually found in the References/Literature section. When you write your essay sou should use the template for ACM SIG Proceedings also available her:

                Finally, you will present your essay as in a scientific conference and for the presentation you should use official UL FRI format.


                • The conference presentation (Seminar 1) is scheduled for April 11th.
                • The essay presentation (course conference) is scheduled for May 23rd and May 30th. Consequently you have to hand in the presentations by May 22nd,  midnight.
                • Hand in the first version of the essay May 20th, midnight through EasyChair.
                • Hand in your reviews by June 4th, midnight through EasyChair.
                • Hand in the final version of your paper by June 9th, midnight through EasyChair.